LumeNet 2018

Aalborg University, Copenhagen 16/17 August 2018

Organised in conjunction with the 2018 CIE Research Methods Tutorial

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Seda KAÇEL Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture Post-occupancy evaluation in the field of lighting
Aleksandra Liachenko Monteiro University of Sheffield Road lighting and reassurance: cognitive, emotional and behavioural responses
Yichong Mao University of Sheffield Facial expression and obstacle detection under various lighting conditions
Marta Waczyńska Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban Design and Regional Planning Lighting strategy for museum building – research method for analyzing and evaluating daylight in the architectural design process
Forrest Webler EPFL, EDCE Daylighting
Kai Broszio TU Berlin, Chair of Lighting Technology Spatial dependency of non-image forming effects
Imke Wies van Mil The Royal academy of fine arts – department of architecture and design (plus: Henning Larsen Architects as an industrial research partner) Artificial lighting design for primary learning environments
Eman Mayah Glasgow School of Art The optimisation of classroom façade design for daylighting under overcast sky
Kiran Maini Gerhardsson Lund University, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment Non-image forming effects and aspects of home lighting
Scott Fox University of Sheffield Lighting, distraction and driving
Ayesha Batool University of Nottingham, Department of Architecture and Built Environment View and glare
Johanna Enger Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, Environmental Psychology Visual and emotional experience of light for design, planning and evaluation of light environments

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