Aalborg University Copenhagen, 16-17 August 2018
Organised in conjunction with the 2018 CIE Research Methods Tutorial

LumeNet 2018

LumeNet is a research methods workshop for PhD students of lighting, colour, daylight and related subjects.

Conferences usually want to hear about your important findings: LumeNet is a forum for discussing how you arrive at those conclusions, such as the experimental procedure you intend to use, how this might be improved, and to identify important issues worthy of study. You will therefore be invited to present your research in order to gain critical feedback - the schedule will allow time for each students’ work to be discussed in depth by other students and by an invited panel of senior researchers. For 2018, the reviewers will include Jennifer Veitch, Werner Osterhaus and Kevin Houser …. and others to be announced. These reviewers have extensive experience of experimental work and are editors of some of the key journals for lighting research. Their feedback will help to improve your research and publication of that research.

LumeNet is free to attend.

You will be asked to submit an abstract for the abstracts booklet, to give 3-minute project overview to the whole group, and in small groups to give a 10 minute presentation of your project: the reasons why the work is needed, the objectives, and the proposed methods.


Please send an email to the conference account Lumenet2018@Sheffield.ac.uk with the subject “Registration [your name]”.

In the email please give:

  • Your name
  • Your topic
  • Your status (1st year, 2nd year ……)
  • Your university and department
  • Your supervisor(s)

To ensure that each student has sufficient time for discussion of their work, attendance will be limited to approximately 40. Nearer the event we will ask you to send in a two-page abstract which will be printed and shared at the meeting, and will send information about accommodation and travel. We would encourage you to attend also the CIE Research Methods Tutorial (13-14 August 2018, Copenhagen) but please register for that event separately.


Comments from people attending previous events

LumeNet 2016 (Ghent)

Christel de Bakker (TU/e): the Lumenet workshop as a very constructive help in the progress of my PhD. I received very helpful feedback on which methods I could use best. It was nice to hear for once the opinion of lighting experts other than my supervisors. It gave me a fresh look on things.

Juliette van Duijnhoven (TU/e): I went home with many interesting and constructive thoughts. I just discussed my new ideas with my co- promotor and she really liked the focus. I like it to think more specific and concrete.

Stijn Hermans (KU Leuven): Thanks to this feedback from you and other experts we started here in the laboratory new debates (about methodology and experimental setup). Lumenet was/is also a nice place to make connections with other PhD students and experts who are struggling with the “same” problems as me.

LumeNet 2014 (Berlin)

Alessia Pedace: It was a wonderful experience and I definetely recommend it to other PhD students! It really helped me understand the points I need to focus on in my PhD project, I am also grateful for being able to meet with other PhD students and share ideas with them.

Saurabh Sachdev: It has been a unique learning experience for me. I am especially thankful to you, for being able to interact with some of the leading figures in Lighting Research.

LumeNet 2012 (Sheffield)

Coralie Cauwerts: definitely the most interesting and exciting light-focussed event I have ever participated.

Peter Boyce: just the right balance between detailed discussion of projects and general discussion of process.

Jennifer Veitch: a great opportunity for the reviewers and students alike to have detailed conversations about lighting research in all its fascinating aspects.