Aalborg University Copenhagen, 16-17 August 2018
Organised in conjunction with the 2018 CIE Research Methods Tutorial

LumeNet 2018



There will be 35 students at LumeNet 2018.

To see the range of topics covered please see the Abstract Booklet which also has a foreword by Peter Boyce.

Overall schedule

LumeNet will run over two days, Thursday 16th August and Friday 17th August, starting at 09:30. To give an opportunity to meet informally before the serious work starts on Thursday morning, we are proposing to meet at 4pm on Wednesday 15th. Following a promise made to a LumeNet student in 2016 this will be to play volleyball! We can do this at the beach just north of Copenhagen: Bellevue Strand, Klampenborg near the end station of C-train. If it is sunny this will also be a good place for swimming, and afterwards we can find somewhere local to eat.

Thursday 16/08

  • 0930-1130   Introductions (your 3-slide presentations)
  • 1130-1230   one review session
  • 1230-1330   lunch – this will be provided
  • 1330-1630   three review sessions
  • (Group evening meal: if we are able to get the tickets).

Friday 17/08

  • 0930-1230   three review sessions
  • 1230-1330   lunch – this will be provided
  • 1330-1530   two review sessions
  • 1530-1600   end


  • The introduction presentations on Thursday will be in the same order as the abstract booklet. I have collated all of your slides into one file and will bring this with me. But, just in case … be sure to bring a spare copy too.
  • For Thursday evening we have found a venue which would be an interesting place to eat. However, tickets only become available at 5pm on the day! If we are unable to get tickets for all, we will instead break into smaller groups and head to restaurant areas.

Your review

For the review sessions we will break into small groups comprising typically nine 9 students and two reviewers. The Schedule shows the group you are allocated. There is about one hour allocated to each of you. The aim is that you describe your research plans and that the reviewers and other students offer feedback on these plans. This might include your key objectives, the background to these objectives, the experiments you are planning to test these objectives. For this you will need to create and bring with you a powerpoint (please use any format). I would strongly suggest you limit this to about 10 slides / 10 minutes so that there is adequate time for discussion. This means that you will not be able to cover (and are not expected to) every small detail. I would suggest that begin by briefly summarizing the problem (What are you studying?) and it’s signification (Why is it important?), and then focus most of your time on planned methods (How will you do it?). Expect to have questions raised from the start—especially about methods! Optionally, you may also prepare additional slides in anticipation of questions—you may or may not use them, but in thinking about possible questions and preparing slides to address them, you’ll also be preparing yourself for the discussion. You may also ask questions of the audience and experts. There should be PCs available in the review rooms, but please use your own laptop instead if that is more convenient. In each group you will see a few people identified as those giving presentations (the order within these groups can be decided between you) and a few people named as observers: I have listed observers to make sure that there are about equal numbers of people in each review session.


LumeNet will be held at the same venue as the CIE research methods session earlier in the week. This is Aalborg University Copenhagen A.C. Meyers Vænge 15 2450 Copenhagen SV Denmark. Please see the map and directions at this link.


I will be using a WhatsApp group to communicate, e.g. if you cannot find us on Wednesday afternoon or if it is cancelled due to bad weather. If you would like to join the group, please send me a text with your name in the message and I will add you.