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A workshop for PhD research students
of the art and science of lighting

19th-21st June 2012
at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield

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Thanks for registering to attend LumeNet.

We have now received 40 requests to attend this event which was our target, to make sure there is reasonable time to focus on each of your projects, so please let us know if you are no longer able to attend. Please would you send ********** your flight times and the accommodation you have booked. Some people have already booked accommodation – this is identified on the accomodation & travel page incase you would like to book the same hotel.

A rough programme is here. There is a welcome gathering on the Tuesday evening (food provided) so that you can meet each other, make sure you know where the venue is, and we can sort out any last-minute problems (we will send you an emergency telephone number nearer the time).

A main objective of LumeNet is for you to receive critical feedback on your proposed research: have you thought carefully about what research methods you intend to use and why? This will be done in small groups (approx. 10), each with two senior researchers, across two days. This allows around 40-60 minutes focus on each project, and in addition you will share the discussions about other projects. Please bring with you a short presentation, perhaps 10-15 minutes, to describe the background to your research and the methods you intend to use to carry out the research. We will set up PCs and data projectors for these to be displayed.

Abstracts: Please would you submit a brief summary of your project. This will be used to give the reviewers an outline of your work in advance of the conference, and allows other students to see what you are doing. What we would like to receive is an A3 poster, a mixture of text and graphics. We will assemble these as a book and print a few copies for you to read at lunchtime. Please would you send this (by email) before the end of April, to **********. (Please use portrait orientation and submit two versions, one at 300dpi and one at 72dpi, for printing and emailing respectively).

Evening meal: we have booked a local restaurant for a meal on Wednesday evening ( . You will need to pay for this separately (We will be asking for fixed price menus and this will be in the region of £20.00 to £25.00 each). Please let us know if you do not think you will be able to join. We will be providing a light buffet meal on Tuesday evening, and buffet lunches on Wednesday and Thursday. If the weather is OK, Jemima will be organising guerrilla lighting on Wednesday evening after the meal.

Please let us know if there is anything that can be done to make this a good event for you.

Remember: deadline for emailing A3 poster summary of project - end of April